Subscribers Only WordPress Plugin

Subscribers Only WordPress Plugin

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Are you a WordPress website owner who wants to grow your email list? Encourage new visitors to subscribe to your website and reward your subscribers with exclusive content. You can do this with the easy to use WordPress plugin. Grow your list with the help of this plugin.

Put yourself as one of your subscribers. What if you see 25% off on a new course or product only for subscribers? As soon as you see this, you will be amazed. If you are not a subscriber already, you will be tempted to subscribe. This will make you like the website owner or the blogger for the promos. You will likely to share with your friends the good news. What if you are the website owner, you will get high returns on your blog.

You can get all this through this plugin. This plugin allows you to:

  • Endless possibilities by creating unlimited subscriber-only benefits
  • No passwords or membership required while protecting your pages and posts for your list members
  • Easy opt-in for new visitors regarding new content
  • Promise subscribers with exclusive access to resources to entice them
  • Offer videos, audios, posts, and downloadable PDF's to your subscribers
  • You can use infographics, not just coupon and product offers
  • No need to build an additional landing page for downloading an opt-in offer
  • Make the steps seamless as there is no forcing of new subscribers to jump into confirmation hoops
  • Choose from your favorite email provider to integrate directly with your subscriber

Download this package now to get all the benefits of the Subscribers Only WordPress Plugin!

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